About Us

Superb Woodwork Restoration is a Southeast Wisconsin based company specializing in the restoration of doors and windows for commercial, government and residential clients. Our preservation experts are well versed in Wisconsin Historic Preservation guidelines with experience in restoration procedures for projects large and small. In addition, we create custom pieces and reproductions of historical styles. And, because one of the owners is a master wood carver, we offer the unique  opportunity of having architectural hand carvings for doors and other woodwork. 

Quality craftsmanship with 35+ years of experience

Custom doors, restoration and historical reproductions

Restoration of wood windows

Architectural carving by a master wood carver

Other custom woodworking, including mantels, bookcases and other built-ins.

Commercial, government and residential

Our Story

Superb Woodwork Restoration has its root in Wisconsin and the South American country of Uruguay; a place where traditional woodworking is revered. 

To know the work of Superb Woodwork Restoration is to know one of its owners, master wood craftsman/carver Hugo Saavedra. Hugo was born and raised in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Having attended and graduated from art school with a concentration in woodworking and sculpture, Hugo went on to study and apprentice in both Italy and Germany. With this additional training and experience, Hugo returned to Montevideo where he formed his original shop, Il Duomo, providing furniture restoration, wood sculpture, and design sculpture to commercial and private clients.

Because of his skills, Hugo was invited to the United States to create intricate wood carvings and other woodwork for homes in exclusive Palm Beach, Florida, before moving to Wisconsin with his wife. It’s here Superb Woodwork Restoration was established with his co-founder, a company that focuses on the restoration of doors, creation of custom doors, restoration of windows and architectural carvings. Doors and windows we’ve restored are opened every day in buildings large and small, in Madison, Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities.

Historic Perspective

Prior to establishing his first woodworking business in Uruguay, Hugo was a furniture restorer of historical assets at Uruguay’s Ministry of Culture & Education, National Library before becoming Department Manager, Wooden Objects Restoration for the Ministry’s History, Artistic, and Cultural Heritage Committee. In this role he managed its historical wooden objects through restoration, prevention, and safeguarding of objects through proper storage, preservation, and use. 


Our Mission

To continue utilizing quality craftsmanship and preservation best practices in the restoration of doors and windows, creation of custom doors and architectural carvings so these items last a lifetime. 

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Contact us: (262) 237-8751  or  info@superbwoodworkrestoration.com